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福杯滿溢揮春1套 + 利是封1套

Chinese New Year

Fun and creative Chinese New Year banners and red envelopes. Decorate your home with these whimsical illustrations and Chinese blessings.

福杯滿溢揮春1套 + 利是封1套

Fai chun 2018-09.jpg
Fai chun 2018-01.jpg
Fai chun 2018-06.jpg
Lai see 2018-15.jpg
Fai chun 2018-09.jpg
Fai chun 2018-01.jpg
Fai chun 2018-06.jpg
Lai see 2018-15.jpg

福杯滿溢揮春1套 + 利是封1套

70.00 78.00

 Overflowing Blessings Fai Chun 1 Set + Red Envelopes 1 Set


Each Fai chun set comes with 8 double sided banners (1 of each design)
Printed on 157g glossy paper
Package size: 29.7x29.7cm


Turtle set:
福到你家 A blessed home (Fook doe lay gah) 
心想事成 May all your wishes come true (Sum seung see sing)

Panda set:
年年有餘 Overflow with prosperity (Neen neen yow yu)
學業進步 Excel in learning (Hok yeep jirn boe)

River set:
福杯滿溢 May your cup overflow with blessings (Fook bui moon yut)  
花開富貴 Blooming flowers bring fortune (Fah hoi foo gwai) 

Blessings set:
新年進步 Wishing you a better new year (Sun lean jun boe) 
迎春接福 Welcome spring & receive blessings (Ying chun jeep fook)

每套有8個利是封(2個設計 x 4個利是封)
全彩色加上燙金或燙銀。 封後有聖經金句。

Each Red Envelope set comes with 8 envelopes (2 designs x 4 envelopes).
Full color with gold or silver foil. Bible verse at the back.
Size: 9 x 17 cm

Ready for delivery in the early January.
Free shipping in Hong Kong!

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