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Zebra window sticker 出入平安玻璃貼

Chinese New Year

Fun and creative Chinese New Year banners and red envelopes. Decorate your home with these whimsical illustrations and Chinese blessings.

Zebra window sticker 出入平安玻璃貼

zebra car.jpg
zebra car.jpg
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Zebra window sticker 出入平安玻璃貼

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靜電貼反貼 - 適合貼車窗、露台、玻璃門
尺寸:10 x 10 cm

Zebra window sticker
Great for car windows, balcony windows, glass doors etc
Wipe down glass with clean water before applying sticker

Text translation: Wishing you safety wherever you go
A mother zebra crosses the road at a zebra crossing, while the baby zebra walks on her mother’s back, because he mistakes her back for a zebra crossing.

Size : 10 x 10 cm

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