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Emma's thankful heart Postcard Set 感恩明信片套裝

Emma's thankful heart

Emma's thankful heart Postcard Set 感恩明信片套裝


Emma's thankful heart Postcard Set 感恩明信片套裝

144.00 180.00

Despite the many problems and difficulties in life, Emma still finds so many things to be thankful for - sidewalk flowers, hot chocolate and friends who stick by you! Come join Emma in her journey of thankfulness. 

儘管生活中遇到了許多問題和困難,但Emma仍然發現許多事情要感謝 - 路上的小花,熱巧克力和朋友們的鼓勵!一起來加入Emma的感恩之旅! 

12 Emma Postcards 一套12張

- Forest Postcard 森林明信片

- Firefly Postcard 螢火蟲明信片 

- Think Postcard 思考明信片 

- Bear Postcard 勇氣明信片 

- Firework Postcard 煙花明信片

- Sunrise Postcard 日出明信片 

- Fluffiest Pancake Postcard 鬆軟烤餅明信片 

- Rain Postcard 下雨明信片 

- Complicated Postcard 難題明信片  

- Soup Postcard 湯明信片 

- Florist Postcard 擁有明信片 

- Hot Chocolate Postcard 熱可可 明信片 

Size : 14.3 x 9.7 cm
Paper : Modigliani, a heavy weight (260gsm) cream white, textured paper made in Italy
Blank at the back

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