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We are pencils

We are Ah Li and Joanne. God gave us two pencils, and then we became two pencils and started drawing all over the place! God's creations inspire our creations, and we hope our creations inspire you too.


Sometimes we need a break from the noise around us... We need a garden - a place to rest, play and be ourselves!
What are each of these animals doing in their secret garden? Let’s find out!
有時候我們要脫離一下周圍噪雜的聲音...... 我們都需要一個花園......一個可以休息、玩耍和做自己的地方!

Secret Gardens of the animal world

Emma's thankful heart

Despite the many problems and difficulties in life, Emma still finds so many things to be thankful for - sidewalk flowers, hot chocolate and friends who stick by you! Come join Emma in her journey of thankfulness.
儘管生活中遇到了許多問題和困難,但Emma仍然發現許多事情要感謝 - 路上的小花,熱巧克力和朋友們的鼓勵!

Max's amazing ideas

Max is a boy with a headful of crazy ideas - pencil trees, a singing forest and milky way ice cream! Come find out what other ideas he has to make the world a kinder and brighter place!
Max 是一個有很多瘋狂想法的男孩 - 鉛筆樹,唱歌森林和銀河系雪糕!來看看他還有什麼想法,可以使世界變得更美好和更光明!

We are all travellers

We might not travel from city to city, or country to country .... But we all travel from day to day, year to year and from moment to moment.

We are all travellers… travelling through the passage of time.



I'm Here for You

When you’re down, I’ll be by your side. We might not solve the problem, but whatever comes your way, we’ll face together. This is a book about understanding and support.
難過的時候 我在你身邊 也許沒有解決問題,但很想讓你知道 有人和你一起面對

God's Creation


This stop motion animation was created using characters made from shrink plastic. It is our imagination of how God created the world. We imagine Him going through a design process, changing zebra's stripes from horizontal to vertical, and painting butterflies' wings.

這個2分48秒的定格動畫是用收縮膠製成的, 是我們想像神最初如何創造了世界。大自然裡有很多獨特的設計,我們想像神創作的 時候會發生很多有趣的事,例如改變斑馬的條紋 從橫到直,用不同圖案去畫蝴蝶的翅膀,用尺去量度大地的闊度......