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We love reading and creating stories. Hope that these stories will bring a bit of joy, brightness and curiosity into your life!


Max’s Amazing Ideas

Max is a boy with a headful of amazing ideas - pencil trees, spud lights, a singing forest, sky dye, and milky way ice cream! Come find out what other ideas he has to make the world a kinder and brighter place!

馬斯是一個充滿驚人想法的小男孩 - 鉛筆樹、馬鈴薯燈、唱歌的森林、天空染料和銀河冰淇淋!快來看看他有什麼想法,讓世界變得更加友善和光明!


Sky Collection

What shape is the sky? What do clouds taste like? How do you catch a star? And when does the sky go on sale?

This is a collection of sunrises, sunsets and other surprises in the sky that we so often forget about…

天空是什麼形狀? 雲是什麼味道?怎麼去捉一顆星? 天空會減價嗎?



When Stinky Pinky wanders into a forest, she meets five strange but friendly animals. She slowly grows to love them. This is the story of their adventures.

當臭小妹在森林徘徊時,她遇到五隻奇怪但又友好的動物。 她慢慢地發掘動物們的優點並和他們做了朋友。 這是他們冒險的故事。


Mini Lands

Our Mini Lands are tiny lands made of shrink plastic. Each land tells a different story. For example, Musicville is inhabited by animals that play music to grow plants. Popcorn is grown on trees in Circusland. Real, living stars float on the surface of Star Lake... and Summerland's main export is sunshine! 

我們的小土地是由收縮塑所製成的,每遍小土地都講述不同的故事。如音樂城的是一個動物玩音樂而植物會長大的地方。在馬戲村裡,爆米花是生長在樹上的。真實、會動的星 星飄浮在星湖鎮上. . . 夏天市出口的 主要是陽光! 

Home Sweet Home

Homes come in all different shapes and sizes! It could be a boot, a teapot, a whale, or a milk carton! Come meet the inhabitants of these homes and learn what interesting stories they have.