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Mini lands



Because of the dry, cool weather, the trees of Autumnville are always orange. The sun is constantly setting, creating a soft sleepy glow.

It is difficult to stay awake in the Autumnville atmosphere and it is common for villagers to take 4 to 5 naps during the day. 

But otherwise, most of the animals are hardworking pumpkin farmers, pumpkin cooks or pumpkin craftsmen. They are world famous for their pumpkin pie, pumpkin tea and pumpkin ice cream. The pumpkin skin is also used to make all sorts of containers, helmets and instruments. 

Whistling, picnicking and kite-flying are their favorite activities.  


由於天氣乾燥、涼爽,秋天村的樹木都是橙色的 。太陽總是溫柔的照耀,籠罩著軟綿綿、懶洋洋的氣氛。

在秋天村內是很難保持清醒的, 村民白天小睡4到5個小時都是很常見的。





The people of Circusland are known to be very friendly and outgoing. They are also very flexible and have great balance. In fact, their balance is so developed, the city has no bridges - only tightropes. The national sport is trampolining.

The main crop of Circusland is popcorn. Unlike corn, popcorn grows on trees. Popcorn pops off the trees in the summer and all farmers have to do is collect it.

Balloons are a big industry. Balloons come in all colors and sizes. They are used on every occasion thinkable: birthdays, baby’s first tooth, and even funerals!


馬戲鎮的人出名友好和外向。他們的動作都非常靈活,有很好的平衡力。事實上,他們走在什麼地方都如履平地,所以全市都沒有橋 - 只有鋼絲 。他們最著名的體育項目是跳彈彈床。





Musicville is a laid back little forest, inhabited by music-loving animals. 

Every morning, the animals gather to play music on their instruments. In the afternoons, they write new songs. And in the evenings, they build new instruments.

What’s interesting though, is that the forest survives on music. The trees and plants don’t need water or sunshine to grow. But if they go for a week without music - their leaves wither and they die. (Of course, bad music has the same effect).

The color and shape of the trees change depending on the kind of music played. So apart from being musicians, the animals are amazing gardeners as well. 




有趣的地方是這森林的樹木和植物不需要水或陽光生長。他們是依靠音樂生存的。如果動物們離開一個星期,帶走了音樂 - 樹木的葉子便會枯萎,慢慢死去。 (當然,很爛的音樂也會帶來相同的效果)。




Nowtown may be a bit confusing for tourists and foreigners as they have a different time system from most of the world. 

Watches, clocks, hourglasses and other time-telling instruments are unheard of. Because of this, Nowtowners are spontaneous and live in the moment. They live on pleasant surprises and happy accidents.

Although birthdays are kind of impossible to celebrate, (they don’t have a calendar), they do have “I’m alive!” celebrations every now and then.

Instead of having a downtown area like other cities, people travel lefttown and righttown. The people of Nowtown love traveling in eco friendly cars made of fruit (they run on juice).





不像其他城市有市中心,現在市只分左市和右市 。他們喜愛駕駛由水果製成的環保車 (靠果汁運行的車)不停往來左市和右市。



Seaworld is a busy underwater city with a diverse population, from tiny shrimps to big whales, to crusty crabs and wiggly jelly fish.

They have a public transport system of whale buses, race sharks, turtle taxis and the traditional seahorse.  

The climate is wet all year round, great for coral and seaweed farming.

They have a great education system and hardworking schools of fish like to gather together to discuss underwater philosophy and physics. 

The fast paced sealife is sometimes quite stressful, and many fish like to plan holidays to the water’s surface to go bird watching or star gazing.









This is a peaceful land where sheep roam freely. Green grass grows all year round and a babbling brook flows throughout the land.

The sheep love eating grass, pink tulips and an occasional ladybug (for protein). 

During the day the sheep wander around, get lost, and wonder about things like: why do all the clouds look so much like us?

At night they like to stay awake and count the stars. If they can’t sleep, they usually count each other.

Sometimes the sheep fall in the brook. This becomes a very unpleasant experience because their wool coat shrinks.


這是一片寧靜的土地, 羊可以自由漫遊。小溪流過每一片草地,一年四季也綠草如茵。

羊最愛吃鮮草和粉紅色的鬱金香,偶爾還會吃小甲蟲(為了補充蛋白質)。白天羊四處流浪(迷路),心裡想著很多事,如:為什麼所有雲看起來都很像我們呢?夜間, 羊喜歡很晚才睡,因為他們最愛數星星。如果他們睡不著,他們會數對方。



Star Lake

From far away, Star Lake looks like a dark mirror, reflecting the stars in the sky. 

If you get up close though, you will realize that the stars are not reflections, but real, living stars, floating on the surface of the lake! 

The stars fell out of the sky and landed on this lake thousands of years ago. 

During the day, the stars sleep and they become as still and as dull as rocks. Frogs and ducks love sunbathing on the sleeping stars. 

At night, however, the stars awake and give out the most beautiful warm light. Every night, the people of Star Lake row out to the middle of the lake to enjoy the lights. Unlike sunlight, starlight does not burn your skin. Stars that are awake are just warm enough to touch, like fresh baked bread. 








The people of Summerland love the sun. They love watching the sun rise and the sun set. They love swimming under the midday sun. 

Many of their houses have walls, but no roofs, to allow more sunlight in.

Summerland is the world’s number one exporter of sunshine. Sunshine is shipped out in light-proof bottles to sunshine-deprived countries and cubicle workers around the world. 

Solar energy is quickly transferred to positive energy in humans, and improves work effectiveness. (opposite effect on cats).


夏天鎮的人民熱愛太陽。他們最愛看日出和日落, 喜歡在正午的陽光下游泳。


夏天鎮是全球最大的陽光出口商 。陽光會裝進瓶內運到陽光貧困的國家和整天在櫃裡工作的工人。

太陽能在人類身上可迅速化成正能量,從而提高工作效率。 (但注意,在貓身上會有反效果!) 



Walking-in-a-Winter-Wonderland (”Wonderland” for short) snows all year round. 

An amazing 40,892 mugs of hot chocolate is consumed by the local animals every year! Their annual Hot Chocolate festival boasts more than 500 kinds of hot chocolate drinks!

The penguins of Wonderland are known to be genius craftsmen and engineers. They are able to make almost anything from ice: knives, bicycles, bridges, helicopters and even sewing machines!

After work though, the penguins relax by ice skating with a few friends and enjoying the beautiful, snowy scenery.






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