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Unique, funny, colorful plastic folders. Great for staying organized and feeling upbeat at the same time.

Half Full Folder 水杯的想法文件夾

sold out

Half Full Folder 水杯的想法文件夾


同樣是半杯水 你覺得是半滿還是半空呢?每隻水杯都有不同的想法

Size : 22 x 30.9 cm (holds A4 paper)
Text : pessimist, optimist, opportunist, scientist, environmentalist, bruce lee, engineer, has perfect pitch, artist, lives underwater, philosopher, either likes puns or can't spell

Blank at the back


尺寸:22 cm X 30.9 cm (可以放A4紙)

文字翻譯: 悲觀主義者,樂觀主義者,機會主義者,科學家,環保主義者,工程師,具有完美的音調



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