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Rainbow Soup Storybook 彩虹湯小書

Mini books

Mini storybooks that are also cards! A creative way to send a personalized, funny and warm message.

Rainbow Soup Storybook 彩虹湯小書


Rainbow Soup Storybook 彩虹湯小書


Max’s grandma is so sick her face has turned grey! He decides to make rainbow soup to cheer her up. He collects all his favorite things for the soup, but what happens when Grandma drinks it??

A story to warm your heart and tickle your funny bone.

14-page full color mini storybooks
Language: English
Size: 14.3 x 10 cm
Paper : 260g Modigliani - cream, textured paper from Italy

Max 的婆婆病到面變了灰色!他靈機一觸,決定為婆婆煮彩虹湯。他收集各種有趣的材料......但婆婆喝了湯之後會怎樣呢?
結局出乎意料~ XD

尺寸:14.3 x 10 cm
紙: 260g Modigliani, 意大利出品

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